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[2021 Spring]

(3.16.2021) This homepage has not been active since 2019.

I am establishing my current homepage at “

[2019 Fall]

  • (8.12.2019) In the fall semester, I teach
    • “Mathematical Analysis part II” for undergraduate students,
    • “Image Prosessing Seminar I” for graduate students.

[2019 Summer]

  • (7.24.2019) Workshop on Reservoir Computing Networks
    • 3 professors (B. Jang, P. Kim, myself) with their graduate students
      • at IBIS Budget Ambassador Haundae hotel

[2015 Summer]

  • (8.16.2015) I added “Private Notes” on the menu. The notes will be password protected and meant for my graduate students and postdocs. Various discussions and challenging problems for educational purposes will be presented.
  • (7.6.2015) A series of seminars on Convex Analysis begins today at 3pm in BAB 803. Each participant will be assigned a topic to present. You should expect intensive discussions and schedules. If you are willing to participate, please leave me a message about your intention at the bottom of this page.
  • (7.6.2015) Our group meeting on every Monday and Thursday at 2:30pm will begin.

[2015 Spring Semester]

  • (2.8.2015) I will teach “Mathematical Analysis I” in this semester.

[2014 Fall Semester]

  • (11.25.2014) There will be a talk by Dongsun Lee, Korea University, on “Phase Field Modeling” in BAB-206 BAB-502 at 4pm.
  • (11.13.2014) Useful links in relation to cryo-EM are being added in the cryo-EM imaging section.
  • (11.7.2014 – 11.16.2014) I am out of country participating in a NRAMM workshop on cryo-EM, The SCRIPPS Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA
  • (9.5.2014) We will have the first image processing seminar meeting on Sept. 16, Tuesday @ 11AM, in BAB 802.
    • In this semester, I will be introducing mathematical problems and ideas arising in image processing to a very diverse group of people. The only required mathematical knowledge for now is CALCULUS.
  • (9.2.2014) The page about “Intensity Nonuniformity in MRI” is now added to the research topics section under “Medical Imaging”.
    • A matlab package will be provided on the page soon.
  • (Modified on 8.27.2014) The seminar series being provided in the fall semester may require rescheduling.
    • Please participate in the poll below. This will help me schedule the seminar series in the fall.
  • (8.15.2014) Each research topic of mine is being introduced in “Research Topics”.
    • A list of reading material will be updated regularly.
    • Any comments are welcome.
  • (8.12.2014) “Mathematical analysis on imaging” seminar series will begin in September.
    • Dr. Moon and I will be leading the seminar series in the fall semester to introduce some of our research topics.
    • Thereafter, learning seminar series will be scheduled.

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