Research – Publications

Papers under review

  1. D. Lee, Y. KimNovel mass-conserving Allen-Cahn equation for the boundedness of an order parameter
  2. J.D. Yun, Y. Kim, An aspect of the Fourier-Haar wavelet interactions in compressed sensing
  3. J.D. Yun, Y. Kimtwo-stage data-driven sampling for compressed sensing

Journal papers

  1. J. Choe, Y. Lee, J. Park, Y. Kim, C.U. Kim, K. Kim, Direct observation of glass-like structure and dynamics of C70 fullerenes on graphene, Nature Communications, 10, Article number:4395, (2019)
  2. Y. KimAn unconstrained global optimization framework for real symmetric eigenvalue problems, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 144, pp. 253 — 275, (2019)
  3. Y. Kim, A Newton’s method characterization for real eigenvalue problems, Numerische Mathematik, 142(4), pp. 941 — 971, (2019)
  4. Y. Kim, Non-unique solutions for a convex problem in image segmentation, Applicable Analysis, published online in July 2018,
  5. Y. Kim, H. Tagare, Intensity non-uniformity correction for brain MR images with known voxel classes, SIAM J. Imag. Sci., 7(1), pp. 528 — 557 (2014)
  6. M. Tong, Y. Kim, L. Zhan, G. Sapiro, C. Lenglet, B.A. Mueller, P.M. Thompson, L.A. Vese, A vectorial total variation model for denoising high angular resolution diffusion images corrupted by Rician noise, Methods and Applications of Analysis, 21(1), pp. 139 — 164 (2014)
  7. Y. Kim, J. Garnett, L. Vese, Image restoration using one-dimensional Sobolev norm profiles of noise and texture, SIAM J. Imag. Sci., 7(1), pp. 366 — 390 (2014)
  8. P. Guidotti, Y. Kim, J. Lambers, Image restoration with a new class of forward-backward diffusion equations of Perona-Malik type with applications to satellite image enhancement, SIAM, J. Imag. Sci., 6(3), pp. 1416–1444 (2013)
  9. M. Fornasier, Y.Kim, A. Langer, C.-B.Scheonlieb, Wavelet decomposition method for L2/TV-minimization problems, SIAM J. Imag. Sci., 5(3), pp. 857–885 (2012)
  10. Y. Kim, P.M. Thompson, L. Vese, HARDI data denoising using vectorial TV and logarithmic barrier, Inverse Problems and Imaging (Special issue in medical image analysis), 4, pp. 273–310 (2010)
  11. Y. Kim, L. Vese, Image recovery using functions of bounded variation and Sobolev spaces of negative differentiability, Inverse Problems and Imaging, 3, pp 43–68 (2009)

Conference papers

  1. M. Tong, Y. Kim, L. Zhan, G. Sapiro, C. Lenglet, B.A. Mueller, P.M. Thompson, L.A. Vese, A variational model for denoising high angular resolution diffusion imaging, The 9th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), pp. 530–533 (2012)
  2. Y. Kim, J. Garnett, L. Vese, A convex minimization model in image restoration via one-dimensional Sobolev norm profiles, The 18th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), pp. 693–696 (2011)
  3. Y. Kim, P.M. Thompson, A.W. Toga, L. Vese, L. Zhan, HARDI denoising: variational regularization of spherical Apparent Diffusion Coefficient sADC, IPMI 2009, LNCS 5636, pp. 515–527 (2009)
  4. Y. Kim, L. Vese, Functional minimization problems in image processing, SPIE Electronic Imaging 2008, Proceedings Vol. 6814 Computational Imaging VI, Charles A. Bouman; Eric L. Miller; Ilya Pollak, Editors, 68140Q, (2008)

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